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''It does the job and exceeded my cautious expectations.''

Overall, I am very happy with this wall mount and I will buy another one when I get a TV for my office. I can easily recommend this TV mount.

- Gage Beauchemin
Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

''Awesome ceiling mount.''

After searching through all of the ceiling mounts available on Amazon I decided on Cheetah Mount APLCMB. Overall I'm very pleased with the product and would definitely purchase again if I ran into a situation where I had to mount on the ceiling.

- Carpet Dude

Cheetah Mounts APLCMB Tilt, Swivel Ceiling Mount

''Solid and the bargain of the year''

I have this holding a 42" television on the wall and I am very happy with it. The TV sticks out no further than a radiator and feels perfectly solid there.

- A. Skudder,

Cheetah Mounts Articulating Arm Mount ALAMLB